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Roof Tiles

Concrete, Clay, Nutec Slate or Natural Slate Roof Tiles

Nutec Slate

Nutec Roof Slates are the ideal roofing or cladding material to use on any project where class, character and individuality are of prime importance. The precise detail of the application and consistent appearance ensure an excellent finish.

Finish  & Colour

Nutec Roof Slates are available in a plain or textured finish and a range of standard roofing colours. This provides designers creativity and individuality of expression, whether recreating old-world charm or meeting today’s critical architectural design criteria.


Their light mass requires a correspondingly light supporting structure, thereby offering an economical alternative to other slate and roofing materials and can be used for vertical cladding applications. Nutec Roof Slates by nature do not corrode and are unaffected by ultraviolet light. Click here to learn more from our supplier.


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